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Our hugely popular bath and body salts are not just for the pleasure of those that have access to the bath. They have several ways in which you can enjoy their many benefits.

In this blog, we are going to cover the top 4 ways that our customers use our body salts. No of which involve a bath!

Foot soak.

After bathing in our body salts, the second most popular way of using them is as a foot soak.

Mike from Basingstoke says:

” Most of the working day I spend on my feet. So, after a particularly hard shift there is nothing better than soaking my feet in a foot bath (ok a bowl) with a scoop of Lorem bath salts.”

It is also a popular product for the beauticians among our customer base that purchase the salts for their pedicure services.

The essential oils plus the exfoliation factor from the dead sea salts make it a perfect spa-like treat for those tired feet in need of some pampering.

An exfoliator.

Our salts can also be used as an exfoliator for those days when you need an uplifting shower to start the day.

Stephanie in Warrington told us:

“I just get a scoop’s worth into my hand, scrub and wash off. It is great in removing dead skin cells before shaving and leaves my skin smelling divine”.

Steam bath.

Not a bath bath, a steam bath. You know, where you pop your head over a sink of steaming hot water with a towel to enjoy the benefits of the steam and essential oils?

This is a particular favourite of Lizzy from Salisbury.

“When colds are doing the rounds, whether it is for me, my husband or the kids, a steam bath with Lorem salts is a great way to unblock sinuses and clear the head.”

It is the mixture of essential oils such as Lemongrass, Lavender and Ylang Ylang, in our bath salts, it makes an excellent product for steam baths.

A hand soak.

Similar to the foot soak, our customers also like to use the salts for a hand soak as well.

Natalie of Hampshire says:

“After a week on the computer, tapping on my mobile, and working out a hand soak is exactly what I need. First I soak them in warm water with a scoop of Lorem salts. Then, I use a few more to exfoliate to remove dead skin. The oils help leave my hands nice and soft, but for days when I need extra moisture, I finish off with Lorem’s Emu Oil“.

The ingredients of our bath salts help ease the aches and pains, soften and moisturise the skin, clear out sinuses and more, which means it is more than just another bath product.

Do you have our Lorem Bath & Body Salts? Do you use them in any other way? We would love to know!

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