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  1. Visit the MAXX4 website (
  2. Select ‘Join Now’
  3. In the ‘Sponsor ID’ box, enter 100169 (you will not be able to proceed without entering this licence number)
  4. Select option – Starter Pack 3 (UK & EU Residents)
  5. Click continue to proceed to the sign up payment – you will then receive an email with your sign up confirmation once your application has been processed.


What is CBD oil?

With the enormous growth of the cannabis oil industry, CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is becoming very popular. There is a huge demand for CBD oil and rightly so, this cannabis-based oil is packed with many health benefits.

 Cannabidiol oil or commonly known as CBD oil is a hemp oil derived from hemp plant which is known for containing a high concentration of cannabidiol. The oil has gained popularity in recent years because of the ongoing wave of publicity and proven health benefits. What better way to support yours and others overall health and well-being, than by using a product produced by nature!

The cannabis plant consists of over 100 known compounds of which CBD and THC are most commonly known. All the compounds found in cannabis plant are generally termed as cannabinoids and cannabidiol is the second most abundantly found compound in the cannabis plant after THC. The use of CBD oil in the United Kingdom is still relatively new, however its rapidity growing in popularity as more information and research is available to us. Individuals are starting to realise that there are numerous therapeutic benefits associated with the oil. Reports that people suffering from Arthritis, Back pain, Migraines and other chronic pain related conditions claim that the oil significantly helps. What’s more, the oil is even thought to help with anxiety and insomnia.

Their CBD products are the highest quality, certified organic, natural and 100% toxin free, they have the optimum levels of THC within legal EU constraints (0.2%), made from the whole plant and extracted by the purest process with all the CO2 removed and blended with organic sunflower which contains lecithin to offer a far greater absorption. You can be confident in making a difference to people’s health and wealth at the same time.

“Hi all, just thought I’d share my positive experience. I’ve been suffering with severe anxiety for a while now and as a mum of two it can be a real challenge. I was prescribed antidepressants for this and the side effects where worse than the actual anxiety. So I started taking the MAXX4 600 drops and drink the tea and I honestly feel amazing. I’ve now come off my medication as this is a million times better. It not only help with anxiety but no horrible side effects! Who doesn’t love a natural alternative 🌿 so pleased with the results.”

~ Facebook testimonial

“I have Fibromyalgia, PTSD, CFC, acute anxiety & early onset osteoarthritis, which in layman terms means my skeleton is one of a 90 year old rather than my age of 55 & had a full right knee replacement at 50.
I was to say the least a little sceptical of Maxx4 when my friend told me about it as I have been prescribed morphine for my pain in the past which did not work but seeing how better she was in herself I thought I would give it a go.
The first day I was building up to a major panic attack when out but after taking 5 drops of 600ml oil, within an hour i was completely relaxed. Normally i would be in a state of high anxiety for days after with the horrible feeling of my ribs being crushed & fear.
My sleep has improved immediately and my pain levels are down from a 9 to around a 5, decreasing daily. I feel like a new person and am still slightly shocked as i have been prescribed so many different medications in the past that I had lost hope. This is the first time in very many years I feel optimistic about improving my quality of life significantly.
I now have my husband taking it plus our dog for their arthritis. I believe in this product so much I signed up to be a independent distributor…..Thank you Maxx4″

~ Facebook testimonial


To learn more about CBD oil and how MAXX4 can help you further.

Check out the video “Maxx4 Business Overview” from Live Well Earn Well Team.