Looking through the history of Emu Oil it is not something new, its history is much older than we think. Used in Australian Aborigine medicine for thousands of years it was found to relieve aches and pains, heal bruises, repair wounds and protect the skin from the elements.

In the 1800’s Emu Oil was introduced outside of Australia and New Zealand as European explorers began using it for its homoeopathic properties.

A 100% natural product when massaged into the skin penetrates the seven layers of the skin. It moisturises and provides anti-inflammatory effects to the muscles and joints. The Emu Oils bacterio-static properties allow the oil to last a very long time as bacteria will not grow in it. As a gentle oil it is perfect for use on the most sensitive of skins, for all ages and importantly can be used around the eye area.

Emu Oil is extracted from the Adipose tissue of the Emu (the thick fat on the Emu’s back)! Today Emu Oil is regulated by the Australian Emu Association to guarantee quality for its many uses. With many oils, a distinctive smell would be present, but Emu oil is odourless and clear containing a range of nutrients including; Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Sapogens and Terpines. Emu Oil relieves pain and cares for the skin the natural way. Scientific tests show Emu Oil has the same ultra-low irritant values of pure water when applied to the skin, so it is safe and kind.

So is Emu Oil something you would use?

With an endless list of benefits why use several chemically bounded lotions, creams and medicines when you can go 100% natural and use an Emu Oil!

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Is Emu Oil the REAL THING?

Used in Australian aborigine medicine for thousands of years it’s healing properties and uses for many illnesses and conditions soon became apparent and Emu Oil nowadays is becoming a very popular must have. Many health companies have looked to source Emu Oil and have it readily available for their customer. Is this another quick fix to making money for the health companies? Are they using the highest form of Emu Oil?

Like many other products we use we want the best but – How do you know that you are buying the REAL THING?

Pure Emu Oil is almost clear and odourless, it resembles olive oil with a fine consistency allowing it to be absorbed into the skin and not leave that oil texture you find with other oils. There are many poor quality Emu Oils being sold in today’s market, these appear to be darker in colour, have an odour, and may contain peroxides that will degrade the products over time.

Lorem Emu Oil is regulated by the Australian Emu Association to guarantee its quality for many uses. Lorem’s products are made from the highest form of Australian certified edible grade and cosmetic grade Emu Oil.

I’m guessing many people who haven’t used Emu Oil before would say ‘Why would I want to use that?

There was a time when petroleum jelly (Vaseline) was the skin saving product and someone would always say ‘ put a bit of Vaseline on it, and it will be fine’ but personally for me, this never worked! Why would I want to put something on my skin that does not absorb into the skin, does not moisturise beneath the skin’s surface and other than crisp me up on a sunny day has no other health benefits?

Emu Oil not only helps aid healing skin conditions and is excellent for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and scars, it contains natural anti-inflammatory healing properties to help with the relief of arthritis, muscle and joint aches, fibromyalgia, back pain, gout and many other conditions and illnesses.

I am a firm believer in ‘don’t knock it till you’ve tried it’

SO …. Is it Safe I hear you ask?

Yes – Emu Oil is 100% safe to use if you are using a highly certified grade of Emu Oil. There are no founded side effects from using the oil. You can use the oil topically or internally but only certified human grade oils should be used for human consumption. Cosmetic graded oils are safe to use for your hair and skin!

What else do I need to know about Emu Oil?

Emu Oil has the following characteristics:

  • It does not clog the pores
  • It rapidly absorbs into the skin, penetrating all 7 layers
  • It is hypo allergenic
  • It helps fight inflammation
  • It naturally contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E
  • It also contains Omega’s 3, 6 and 9 along with Terpines
  • It has the same low irritant values are plain water, so is safe to use on the skin and can be used around the eyes.

Like any other oil, Emu Oil will solidify in colder weathers but this does not affect its use, it will soon return to its former consistency.

So now you know the ins and outs of Emu oil, is this something you would use? Still undecided? Discover 50 ways you can use emu oil on our blog.

Emu Oil – benefits in everyday life

In everyday life there are everyday things that we use, the majority of us have heard of things such as olive oil- which says helps protect us against heart diseases, Fish Omega Oil – for increased memory, coconut oil – for a healthier alternative to cooking with the usual oils and with benefits to the skin and body and many other oils that have health benefits for us. But how many of us have actually heard of or know the true benefits of Emu oil?

From topical application to the internal usage of the oil, Emu oil was first used by the aborigines of Australia and has been used for thousands of years since. There are multiple uses for the oil and if we were to list on this blog every single one of them you would be reading for some time so here we have listed some of our key reasons as to why Emu oil is a must have for your everyday life!

Pain Relief

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits – Studies have found that when applying Emu oil to the body or taking Emu Oil as an internal supplement it acts as an effective natural anti-inflammatory to assist the body in relieving aches and pains.  Inflammation is the body’s response to infection, injury or irritation. The key factors being redness, warmth, swelling and pain. The anti-inflammatory benefits of Emu oil are that it aids to help target the inflammation, reduce the swelling and ease the pain. Emu oil naturally contains both vitamins and omegas which are known for their healing anti-inflammatory benefits. Vitamin such as Vitamin E which has healing agents and antioxidants and Omega 6 which may ease muscles and joint pains where inflammation is most likely to occur.

Arthritis and joint pain – Those suffering from arthritis and joint pain may benefit from using Emu oil, due to its anti-inflammatory properties the oil can help assist in easing joint aches and pains and reach deep into the body’s muscles. Emu oil will help aid in reducing swelling within the joints and minimize pain and discomfort. When Emu Oil is combined with other beneficial essential oils its can help maximise the effects it has on the body. Lorem’s Emu Balm has these benefits as the Emu oil is blended with essential oils such as arnica for natural pain relief reducing healing time, Wintergreen a natural anti-inflammatory which acts like a liquid aspirin, lemongrass which relaxes tight muscles and helps increase the body’s metabolism by increasing blood circulation, Rosemary to helping aching and cramped muscles and improves poor circulation and many other natural ingredients to help ease the pain and discomfort that arthritis and joint pain.

Eases digestive distress – Thousands of people across the country suffer from daily digestive distress including Irritable Bowl Disorder, Colitis, Chron’s Disease or stomach ulcers. There have been many a search for alternative natural treatments which will help ease these conditions and help ease discomfort and promote healing. Studies have shown that Emu Oil can help assist and offer relief of these digestive disorders. Lorem’s Emu oil Capsules are a perfect natural supplement containing 500mg of 100% natural Australian Emu oil. Taking one or two capsules daily with food will help assist in relieving inflammation and will not interfere with any other medications, there are also no known side effects on taking Emu oil.

For other ways that emu oil can be used to provide pain relief, visit our pain relief page.

Skin Relief

Skin conditions – The most common everyday skin conditions that people deal with are Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. Eczema is the medical term for skin which has become inflamed resulting in the skin being itchy, red and cracking. Psoriasis however although the skin is inflamed it can cause scaly patches of skin and extreme redness on the body. Dermatitis is usually caused by the skin’s reactions to something causing an allergic flare up. Skin conditions can be difficult to manage on a daily basis but Emu oil can help relieve these symptoms. Due to Emu oils moisturising benefits it can penetrate deep within to the skins 7 layers and provide an anti-inflammatory relief to the skin whilst hydrating and producing fresh new skin renewal. Its anti-inflammatory properties may help to calm and ease and soothe the skin. Emu oil can be applied topically directly to the affected areas of skin and will not irritate as it has the same ultra-low irritant values of plain water so it is safe and kind. Alternatively, emu oil can be taken internally through supplement form and this is proven to help heal skin conditions from the inside out.

Reducing the appearance of scars and stretch mark’s – Throughout life the majority of us will have either the odd scar or stretch mark that appears on our body. For most people, if scars are visible people tend to be self-conscious of these and want the scars or stretch mark’s to be less visible. Emu oil may help with reducing the appearance of these scars and stretch mark’s and promote skin reproductions to heal or decrease the appearance. Research studies have shown that when applied from the early stages of wound healing process the risk of scarring is greatly reduced. The anti-inflammatory properties within Emu oil along with the essential fatty acids are what help minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Emu oil if naturally transdermal which means it is able to penetrate deep into the skin’s tissue and help repair each layer of skin rather than just the top layers.

Preventing skin ageing – We have all been taught to keep our skin looking its best. That you need to invest time into looking after your skin and keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated. One essential pointer in doing this is making sure you drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day) but the other factor is to moisturise on a daily basis. Our skin faces the everyday onslaught of environmental factors and these take from our skin natural oils. Dry skin can lead to wrinkles and other skin issues. Many moisturisers are comedogenic which means they contain ingredients which lead to skin breakouts due to blocking the pores and the skin not being able to breathe. Emu oil is non-comedogenic so not only will it moisturise your skin along with penetrating all 7 layers as it is able to work through the skin without any clogging. Emu oil is becoming especially popular with acne sufferers and those with sensitive skin as its irritant values are extremely low and the properties of emu oil such as being a natural anti-inflammatory work alongside its moisturising properties. Within the beauty industry Emu oil is becoming more and more popular as a moisturiser helping to promote healthy skin renewal, increase collagen and help fight signs of ageing.

Flaking scalp and hair growth – In everyday life people will suffer from dandruff and if left untreated it can delay hair growth. If you are struggling with dandruff or other scalp conditions Emu oil may help restore your scalp’s moisture and promote healthy hair growth. The hydrating properties of emu oil will keep the scalp moisturised which then will lower the dandruff flakes. Emu oil can be used once the hair has been washed and rubbed onto the scalp or during everyday use applied onto the scalp. Not only Emu oil may help with scalp conditions it can also be used in the hair roots to bottom after washing by applying 2-3 drops to the hair leaving the hair soft and shiny.

Discover other skin relief benefits provided by emu oil here.

Other Benefits

Cholesterol levels and healthy hearts – We know that Emu oil is great for the skin when applied topically or if taken internally then can help from the inside out, but did you know Emu oil may also help promote a healthy heart and lower cholesterol levels. Emu oil is packed with Vitamins and Omegas especially Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which is excellent for your heart. Omega 3 fatty acids increase the good kind of cholesterol (HDL) while decreasing the bad kind (LDL). By including Emu oil into your diet you may help promote a healthy heart while lowering your cholesterol levels. Our Emu oils capsules have the customers in mind and are 100% natural emu oil so can be taken as a daily supplement to your everyday lifestyle.

So it’s amazing to see that in everyday life one simple oil can be so effective and can help so many of our everyday gripes. Next time you head to your local chemist or shop looking for that product to help why not take a visit to our website and purchase some emu oil to reap the benefits.





50 benefits of using emu oil

Emu oil was first used thousands of years ago by the Aborigines of Australia and since has developed across Europe. Learning of its wide benefits, Emu oil in some countries is offered as a luxury gift and given as a sign of health and well-being.

By the end of the 20th century, Emu oil had begun to be widely used in sports, by burn centres and as a natural pain relief. The finding of uses from Emu Oil are vast and in today’s more aware times, why used over-processed, over-formulated, petrochemical and synthetic compounds on your skin when you could be using more natural, more sustainable and some would say far more effective products.

So below to help you get a true understanding of what Emu oil may help with we have listed just 50 of these reasons why Emu Oil is fab to use.

1.A natural Anti-inflammatory, highly penetrating oil which carries deeper into the body through barrier layers, taking its healing process to where you need it most.

2.It’s non- comedogenic, which means it will not block your pores causing spots or other irritations.

3.Its bacterio-static too, which means bacteria can’t grow in it …. Therefore it lasts a long time, it won’t go off.

4.It contains all natural Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Sapogens (natural skin softeners) and Terpines (known antiseptics).

5.It is safe to use on adults, children and even your pets.

6.Being a good emulsifier Emu Oil produces a cream which will not feel oily on your skin or scalp and can be absorbed quickly for maximum benefits.

7.Arthritis – Has been shown to help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritic conditions.

8.Muscle Aches – May help reduce inflammation and loosen tight muscles from physical exertion.

9.Joint Pain – Penetrates deep into the tissues and may help ease and reduce inflammation and pain.

10.Night Cramps / Growing Pain – Cramps/ Growing pains may be significantly reduced if Emu oil is rubbed into the affected area just before going to sleep at night.

11.Fibromyalgia – Rubbed into the body and affected areas or taken orally in capsule form, Emu oil works deep within the body assisting painful areas and helping to ease aches and pains.

12.Migraines/ Headaches – By rubbing the oil onto the temples, Emu oil has been shown to give relief and ease migraines and headaches.

13.Massage – Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors have used Emu oil in their practises as its deeply penetrating qualities may help soothe and relax tighten muscles.

14.Medication Carrier – As Emu oil is known and researched for being able to penetrate the skin carrying the oil to where it is needed, it may be used to carry other oil and natural medicines deep into the tissues ( See our Natural Emu Balm with essential oils for maximum pain relief )

15.Eczema/ Psoriasis / Dermatitis – With natural moisturising properties, Emu Oil helps ease affected area by working deep within the skin layers, softening the skin and easing irritation.

16.Scarring – Emu oil applied to the scared area may help fade and regenerate new skin cells, helping the scar to heal quicker and have less of a scarred appearance.

17.Acne – As Emu oil is non-comedogenic it does not block the pores even though it is an oil. It may reduce redness and reduce scarring caused by acne when applied to the affected areas.

18.Sunburn – Originally used a sunburn relief by the aborigines Emu oil has fabulous moisturising properties and antibacterial properties, cooling and calming the skin. Helping assist to reduce the redness and ease pain caused by sunburn.

19.Plantar Fasciitis (Policeman Heel) – Emu oil may be rubbed into the affected area to help ease pain and discomfort within the muscles and reduce any inflammation.

20.Back Pain/ Knee pain/ Shoulder pain – Apply Emu oil to the affected area, it will penetrate deep into the body’s tissues and may help ease pain within the body.

21.Minor Burns – May helps cool the pain of a burn, ease the affected area and the antibacterial element within the oil help to keep any infection away.

22.Lacerations – When applied to the area Emu Oil may help with the healing process, ease pain, and is wonderful for preventing and lessening scarring.

23.Insect Bites – May help reduce the redness, itchiness and irritation cause by bites.

24.Nails – Applying Emu Oil to the fingernails and toenails may help soften cuticles and increase nail strength and growth over a period of time.

25.Wrinkles – Emu Oil is a marvellous moisturisers for the face and all over the body. It does appear oily but absorbs quickly into the skin. It can assist in helping plump the skin in thin areas, especially around the eyes therefore reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

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26.Stretch Marks and Pregnancy – Due to its natural properties Emu oil is safe to use during pregnancy to help with any aches and pains being pregnant may cause. It may also be applied to stretch marks and help skin regenerate and regain some elasticity whilst helping to aid healing and repair any stretch marks that may have occurred.

27.Face Redness/ Rosacea – Emu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties help to ease and reduce the appearance of redness on the face and moisturise the skin.

28.Lip Care – Emu oil is a powerful moisturiser and may help ease chapped lips and help them stay moisturised. It is better than using usual lip-balms/ creams due to penetrating within the lips rather than just locking in moisture.

29.Scrapes and Bruises – Emu oil applied to the affected area will help ease and heal the scrape and bruise pain, assisting it to heal quicker.

30.Insect Stings – Emu Oil dabbed onto a Bee or wasp sting may give quick pain relief, reduce redness and aid faster healing on the area that has been stung.

31.Ear Aches – Massaged behind the ear, emu oil may help ease the discomfort and give relief from ear aches.

32.Nosebleeds – Putting Emu oil onto the nasal tissues may help stop bleeding and repair the damaged area.

33.Chicken Pox/ Shingles – Emu oil is researched and safe to use on children. It may help relieve the itchiness that is caused by chicken pox, heal the pox and regenerate new skins cells where the pox have formed. It may also help ease the pain and discomfort caused with shingles.

34.Wind Burn – Emu oil applied to the area may reduce dryness and lesson discomfort.

35.Irritable Bowel IBS/ Cronhs / Stomach upset – Emu oil taken in capsules form may help ease and lessen discomfort caused from such things as stomach upset and irritable bowel. The help aids reducing inflammation within the bowel and reduce pain.

36.Stomach Ulcers – Emu oil taken internally by capsule form may help ease and reduce stomach ulcers. As natural anti-inflammatory it is able to work inside out and aid the body with essential fatty acids which your body needs but does not produce naturally.

37.Dietary Supplement – Emu oil taken internally may help aid your diet and provide your body with natural vitamins and Omegas it may be lacking. Emu oil contains natural fatty acids and these have been shown to highly benefit the skin, hair, muscles and joints.

38.Dandruff – Emu oil may help moisturise the scalp and relieve itchiness making it less flaky.

39.Hair Loss – Emu oil may help regenerate skin and hair cells and increase the thickness of thinning hair.

40.Hair – Spilt ends / Breakages – Using the oil sparingly on the ends of your hair may help reduce split ends and hair breakages. If your hair is naturally greasy then leave the oil in your hair for around 15 minutes and then wash out. If you hair is dry you can get away with leaving the oil in the hair working into the hair cells and help lessen breakages.

41.Rashes – Emu oil may help ease discomfort, reduce redness and prevent irritation caused by rashes on the body,

42.Nappy Rash – Emu Oil applied to the child’s nappy rash may help ease inflammation, redness and work deep into the skin to soften and moisturise the baby’s skin.

43.Cracked Skin – Rubbing generous amounts of Emu Oil into cracked and dry skin can moisturise and soften the area.

44.Hair Growth – Emu Oil has been known to revive dormant hair follicles leading to possible hair growth and faster hair growth.

45.Cholesterol Reductions – Scientific studies have shown that taking digestible certified edible Emu oil may help reduce in the level of bad cholesterols in the bloodstream.

46.Make up Base – Emu oil is great as a pre make up base, use only a small amount on dry skin for a fabulous primer for foundation.

47.Hand Lotion – Emu oil used as a hand moisturise will soften and moisturise the hands leaving them feeling soft and supple.

48.Age spots – Apply Emu Oil to age spots each night to help assist with lessening the appearance and regenerate new skin.

49.Pets Cuts, Scrapes and skin complaints – Apply Emu oil to affected areas of skin on your pets as this may help heal and ease the pain for them.

50.Pets- Skin conditions and stomach upset – Emu oil may be added to your pet’s food to help with any skin conditions, working from the inside out and may help ease discomfort and ease stomach upset.

So now you have seen just some … well 50 reasons to using Emu Oil as an alternative, just have a think of how man products you can take off your shelf, out of your medicine cabinets and the money you can save by just using one product.

Is emu oil good for arthritis?

For many Arthritis is a daily struggle. A struggle to get out of bed, a struggle to walk or even a struggle to complete simple daily tasks we come across.

Often Arthritis is associated with the older generation, however, this is not the case. In the UK over 10 million people suffer from Arthritis and we can be affected by Arthritis at any age, including children.

So what is Arthritis?

Arthritis simply means ‘inflammation of the joints’, it can be crippling and painful and often expensive due to the prescription medication being prescribed for suffers. However, there are negative side effects to using this medication and ingredients are not natural having other effects on the body meaning more medications being prescribed.

There are two types of common Arthritis;

  • Osteoarthritis – This is the most common form of Arthritis in the UK, it most often develops in adults in their late 40’s, more commonly in women and people with a family history of having Arthritis. However, it can occur at any age and it is caused by the breakdown of joint cartilage.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – This affects about 1 in 100 people in the UK, It is a chronic inflammatory type of Arthritis and it occurs when the body’s immune system targets affected joints, which lead to painful swelling. Rheumatoid Arthritis can also begin to affect the organs in the body leading to further complications.

Since the discovery of Emu oil in the mid-1800’s it has been found that Emu oil helps inflammation and provides relief for aching muscles and joints.

So why is Emu oil good for Arthritis?

Today the use of Emu oil is becoming more popular as we look for natural alternatives to aid in treating a variety of conditions and provide a natural pain relief. When massaged into the skin the Emu oil saturates all underlying tissues and enables muscle and joints to be reached becoming more effective than applying a topical gel or using medicines such as ibuprofen and paracetamol! Arthritis suffers will benefit from using Emu oil as its natural properties not only help assist with inflammation but also help aid the reduction of tension, swelling and provide relief from aching muscles and joints.

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Here is our guide to what products we would recommend;

Emu oil Balm – A natural anti-inflammatory pain relief using 100% natural Australian Emu oil, blended with coconut oil and a combination of essential oils chosen for their healing abilities. Essential oils include;

  • Arnica – An anti-inflammatory, pain reliever used to help aid the healing of bruises and reduce healing time.
  • Wintergreen – An anti-inflammatory Meythl Salicylate which is known as a liquid aspirin for its pain relief properties.
  • Lemongrass – Relaxes tight muscles with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Clove Bud – Increases the body’s metabolism increasing blood circulation.
  • Rosemary – helps with aching and cramped muscles and helps improve poor circulation.
  • Lavendar – Relaxes and soothes tight muscles and works as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Clary Sage – Is antibacterial and an antiseptic and helps with relieving spasms and muscle cramps.
  • Sweet Majoram – relieves muscle pulls, cramps and spasms.
  • Juniper – reduces fluid retention around the joints and damaged tissues.

The Emu balm can be rubbed into the affected areas to help relieve inflammation and pain for Arthritis

Pure Emu Oil – Our Emu Oil is 100% natural Australian Emu Oil and is used throughout all of our products. When massaged into the desired area of the body it is absorbed quickly into the skin and can help assist to soothe redness, inflammation and provide relief of aches and pains.

Emu Salts – Using our natural Emu oil and combined with healing essential oils and Dead Sea salt a scoop of these salts added to a bath to help soak those aches and pains away are a great relaxer for those suffering from Arthritis. They can also be added to warm water to soak just the hands or feet and target areas where Arthritis is present.

Emu Capsules – Our capsules contain 500mg of natural Emu Oil, the capsules assist in reducing pain and inflammation associated with Arthritis, joint conditions and the maintenance of general well-being.

How can Emu oil help with muscle and joint relief?

In everyday life, at some point, we have to deal with our body’s aches and pains. Whether it be a sore back, aching knees, migraines or you suffer from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, RSI or sciatica we quite often would take a paracetamol, prescribed medication or apply a topical gel or cream to help us out.

In Australia, ancient aborigines found that emu oil was a natural anti-inflammatory which helped relieve aches and pains, assist in healing bruises, wounds and protect the skin from the harsh winds and the sun (more about that here). It then later became noticeable that emu oil was providing other benefits to the body and natural sources of vitamins and omegas were found within the emu oil.

So how can Emu oil help our muscles and joints?

Emu oil has a deep soothing effect on inflammation, its anti-inflammatory aspects are one of the better-studied properties of Emu oil. Containing natural sources which help ease the body, including:

  • Vitamin A – a skin repairer and high in antioxidants
  • Vitamin E – a healing agent and antioxidant
  • Omega 3 – Linolenic acid, fatty acids which are good for the heart
  • Omega 6 – Linolenic acid – which eases muscle aches, joint pain and helps with the body’s general health maintenance
  • Omega 9 – a proven skin cell regenerator
  • Terpines – known as antiseptics


Emu oil does not only help to assist in relieving inflammation but due to its thin oil consistency, it is able to penetrate the layers of the skin working further down through the body and accessing the muscles and joints. Emu oil contains no phosphorus molecules. Our skin is phospholipid deficient, which means there’s no phosphorus in our skin. It will not let anything containing a phosphorus molecule penetrate through it. Anytime you put anything on your skin that is phospholipid deficient, or has no phosphorus, it penetrates right through.” Emu oil is a non-polar monounsaturated fatty acid as well which means that nonpolar fatty acids move through cells more easily. It also has short chain fatty acids like most animal fats, however, acts like a long chain fatty acid similar to most plant oils. Emu oil is also non-comedogenic, meaning that when applied it will not block pores as is penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin

Most pain in the muscle and joints is caused by overworked muscles, injuries, sport or work related activities. In some cases, the muscle and joint pain will subside within a few days or weeks but for some people who suffer from conditions such as arthritis, RSI and sciatica these muscles and joint pains are common and need daily treatment in order to help the body. The most common form of joint pain is within the knees due to it positioning on the body and that they take our body weight. With muscles, it tends to be our backs and shoulders that suffer and this is down to usually general wear and tear on a daily basis.

Certain types of muscle and joint pain will go away with general exercise designed to actively keep your muscles in shape and good working order but sometimes additional help is needed to help relax and soothe those muscles or joints that need it.

Massage of oil into the body is one of the oldest and most widely used forms of pain relief. The massage element will help release tension in those muscles and joints but combined with Emu oil this allows the anti-inflammatory aspects to work into the body. Emu oil may provide all the benefits that are needed to help relieve aches and pain without having to take daily pain killers or anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen.

At Lorem, our emu oil products are designed with the customer in mind. Using the purest form of emu oil as a natural healing agent it can be used directly onto the body and is absorbed quickly. We have also developed and combined essential oils which are known to hold great healing abilities for the body with emu oil to create products which can assist with the symptoms of muscle and joint pain, arthritis, back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and other aches and pains.

Our Emu balm is a top best seller having used pure emu oil and combined it with essential oils such as arnica, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, wintergreen and others to help relieve and help muscles and joint pain. Alongside the Emu balm our emu salts are blended with emu oil, essentials oils and Dead Sea salt to help assist in reducing tension and may act as an additional relief for muscles and joints.