Here at Lorem, we are always interested in what our customers have to say about our products. The feedback that we receive is a key factor in us getting it 100% right in what you want.

We spoke with one of our customers, Fiona McLean, who not only uses the products for herself but also uses them for her clients here’s what Fiona had to say;

“As a Holistic and Sports Therapist in my business One2One Complementary Therapies I am always looking for products that will assist my clients and I am so glad that I found yours. I first came across them at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and was having issues with my shoulder so I decided to try some of the Emu balm for myself as I had nothing to lose other than the pain if it worked. To my surprise, it actually really did help reduce the pain in my shoulder and I knew then that as a therapist this could also help my clients.

My absolute favourite go to product has to be the Emu balm. For myself as I suffer from Fibromyalgia I use this to rub into any areas that are playing up, but also find with having Neuralgia the balm rubbed into my right leg helps to ease the pain. It enables me to work throughout the day without any pain and I always carry a small pot of the balm around with me if I need to reapply.

I always encourage all my clients to try the Emu Balm, I personally wouldn’t recommend any products that I did not believe worked and I am so happy to find your products because wholeheartedly can say these really do work.

As a therapist, I use the products to assist with easing the pain for my clients. I work closely with the local wheelchair rugby club ‘The Dorset Destroyers’ and they have found the balm helps them before, during and after their game, so much so they have now purchased the Emu balm to keep in their team medical bag. I am also the sports therapist for Lytchett Minster RFC and a pot of balm is always carried to any game in my pitch side bag for dealing with the odd knocks and bruises. The majority of users through the ‘Dorset Destroyers’ use it in conjunction with their medication but some use it instead of their medication and this proves how effective a product it is.

I have also used the Emu oil on some clients who suffer from Psoriasis and they find it works, leaving their skin soothed and have said ‘ it lasts a long time and doesn’t leave their skin feeling oily as the Emu oil is absorbed into the skin”.

I will continue to use the Emu oil products and continue to recommend them to others as I’m very happy to say I’ve found a product that really works well!

Fiona McLean – Sports Therapist at One2One Complementary Therapies

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