Pain, for some people, is something they experience infrequently. However for those with a chronic pain condition, a long term illness or frequent pain moments pain is a burden many people bear, often while working and continuing on with everyday life. 

One of our ambassadors, Chloe Metz, has previously shared her thoughts on living with Fibromyalgia, and how much it affects her. We have long advocated for more natural pain reliefs after our founder, Andy, was in a car crash and didn’t want to spend the rest of his life using potentially harmful painkillers. That’s why Lorem exists, to help people in pain to be free of pain!

Pain every day?

For people with both hidden and visible disabilities, chronic pain conditions and more, pain is an everyday thing. Whether it’s background or foreground, pain is something 10 million people live with on a daily basis. 

In Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs from research back in 1943, he looks at how our different levels of need prevent us from reaching a state of self-actualisation. Level two is safety needs and one of those is health. Therefore, according to Maslow, living a life with constant or frequent pain can prevent us from reaching a state of mental wellbeing and can affect our relationships, work and so much more.

While perhaps not true for everyone there is a certain level of truth in this. When you are not feeling your best, most people will struggle to engage with loved ones, and enjoy days out. For someone with regular pain, this becomes a more regular occurrence in their everyday life and if a suitable way of managing pain is not found, then life can become a struggle, leading to mental health issues and more. 

As well as the joys (sarcastic) of regular pain, painkillers can cause extra issues. The opioid crisis in America, highlighted in documentaries such as Heroin(e) on Netflix, show the extent that prescription drugs have affected a nation. While this problem is less widespread in the UK, painkillers are still addictive and people do become addicted. 

Natural pain relief

To combat this, Lorem uses 100% natural pain relief to help with the daily aches and pains. We have numerous products to help with this, from our CBD range and to our best selling emu oil and balm. This year, try a new, more natural approach to pain, that isn’t adding in harmful chemicals to your body, but only things that are good for you. 

This new approach to pain is something that many people are discovering. In the world of strength sports that our ambassador Farah Fonesca promotes, CBD balms are becoming ever prevalent and more and more athletes are using these to aid recovery along with Emu oil and many others. 

While nothing we say constitutes medical advice and shouldn’t be taken as such, we hope by sharing some personal experiences we can encourage you to try our products and see if a more natural approach helps you. 

How does CBD help?

CBD is a natural product derived from hemp or marijuana and is 100% legal and allowed in every sport, contrary to popular belief. People often hear the word marijuana and think of the illegal substance of weed or cannabis, as it most commonly is known. Instead, marijuana is a plant that contains, depending on the strain, both CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychological substance that makes people who use cannabis ‘high’ and what makes it illegal. However, CBD as a stand-alone substance is known to have many healing properties and has been used for centuries across the world to assist with pain relief and healing. 

THC is also known to have healing properties and has been thrown into the news numerous times 

Here at Lorem, we offer CBD oil, CBD balm and CBD capsules. Our CBD oil comes in both the 5% 1000mg version and a 10% 1000mg version. 

Four drops of our 10% CBD oil 4 provides a total of 100mg of Cannabis Sativa L. of which 10mgs pure CBD (Cannabidiol) and  0.2% THC (which is the legal European limit.) You can find more about our products in our shop.

Don’t just take our word for it

While we can quote endless surveys and studies at you for hours (or words) on end, we know most people will trust other people. 

Sheilagh Kelly said this about our 10% CBD oil:

“I bought this at Great Dorset Steam Fayre after 15 years of living on Tramadol following a serious road traffic accident. To say the very least I was sceptical.

I’ve lived with constant pain, sleepless nights & what is best described as toothache in my neck, shoulders & upper back for way too long, so I tried the 10% version.

I really can’t believe that it works, totally & absolutely. It really has changed my life. I walk again pain-free & more importantly I sleep at night.”

Natural pain relief products and beauty products from LoremCare. Click to find out more.

Natural Pain Relief Range

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