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It’s 2017, so here we are again a brand new year, new resolutions being made and another 12 months of making sure we stick to them or at least try to!

Many of us around this time of year are thinking about what New Year’s resolutions we can see if we haven’t set them already and want to change things that haven’t been going right or make things better for ourselves. When you think about the New Year and setting these challenges or goals do you think about creating a new you?

A New You isn’t just about possibly getting a new job, setting yourself new challenges, clearing your mind of the things that bothered you in the previous year. A New You is about looking after YOU and making sure you’re helping yourself where you can!

Throughout the year at Lorem, we also like to set ourselves challenges, pushing ourselves and the business further to provide the very best for our customers, helping to work with customers to benefit from our products and making sure our customers get the very best from what we have to offer. One of our New Year’s resolutions at Lorem is to continue to help our customers and enable them to find that one Emu product which is right for them.

All our Emu oil products are 100% natural, the ingredients used are of the highest quality and we always have our customers in mind when creating products to make sure we understand what they require. So you’re thinking how can we help you in the New Year?

Have you ever suffered from aches and pains, migraines, sore legs, back pain, Arthritis, stomach problems such as IBS, Chrons, or things such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or maybe even insect bites, burns, scars or an old recurring injury which keeps returning? If you suffer any of those conditions then visit our emu oil for pain relief or our emu oil for skincare and relief page

Do you have children that suffer from growing pains? Have you had a toothache in the past that just won’t ease?  I can guarantee the majority have suffered from something in one form or another and so often we reach for the medicine cabinet and fill our bodies with tablets, liquids, topical creams and lotions not only with added chemicals but also with us not knowing exactly what we are putting into or onto our bodies.

Our New Year New You title is not just about changing your lifestyle for the better in everyday things but it’s about changing YOU for now and in the future. We would easily spend several pounds buying several different medicines and creams to possibly try and help us but would prefer to use just one product which helps with multiple ranges of things and even better we know that it’s 100% natural so what we are using on our bodies will not harm or damage in any way.

If there is one resolution you make this year it’s to look after yourself and Lorem Care can help!

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