Detox Foot Patch (Discounted price)

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The outer box has some creases in it, however the items inside are in perfect working order. Because of the slight damage to the box we are retailing these at 33% less of usual price of £15

Our detox foot patches improve the body’s natural detoxification processes. The amazing effects are based on its core ingredient Bamboo Vinegar Extract.

Lorem detox foot patches are the most complete product on the market as they support all phases of detoxification. These patches are ideal for prevention, maintenance, and detoxification of toxins and heavy metals in the body, which they help to flush out overnight.


Bamboo Vinegar Extract (70%)
Chitin & Chitosan (3%)
Tourmaline (3%)
Vitamin C (2%)
Vegetable Fibre (5%)
Minus Lon Powder (2%)
Detxtrin (15%)

Directions for use


1. Clean and dry your feet before applying patches and going to sleep!
2. Remove the adhesive side.
3. Attach the foot patch to the sole of your foot (the non-woven side should touch your skin).
4. Enjoy a good nights sleep.
5. In the morning remove and use warm water to clean your feet.

Keep feet dry when using. Store in s acoold dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight. NEVER USE on open wounds or damaged skin. Not suitable for children or if pregnant. Stop using if there is excessive redness or irritation. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.