Emu Oil (Skin Relief)



Are you suffering with any of the following skin conditions?





Acne and acne scarring

Insect bites and stings



Chickenpox, shingles

Shaving rash

Nappy rash

Grazes and bruises


Stretch marks


Lorem’s Skin Relief Emu Oil is a blend of both Emu oil and Chamomile oil which can help soothe dry, tight and irritated skin. It has an ultra-low irritant value and is safe and kind to your skin, providing lasting hydration.

Benefits of Emu Oil Skin Relief:

  • Natural anti-inflammatory 
  • Eases irritation & Redness
  • Moisturising & Anti-bacterial elements
  • Quick Absorption
  • Hypoallergenic (Suitable for sensitive skin)
  • Non-comedogenic (No blocked pores)
  • Reduces Scabbing

Directions for use

Apply to the affected area, as many times as required to hydrate, moisturise & soothe your skin.

Can be used by adults and children.


Emu Oil– A natural anti-inflammatory, highly penetrating oil which carries the essential oils deep into the body’s tissues.

Chamomile Oil – Naturally soothing anti-inflammatory.

3 reviews for Emu Oil (Skin Relief)

  1. Natalie Weaving

    I use emu oil all the time. On my sore hands, dry patches of skin, pimples, grazes and even in my hair. Great all-round beauty product.

  2. Joe Gittens

    Again very good for aches and pains but I’ve mostly used it for dry or sore skin after work

  3. Farah Fonseca

    Since using this product, I have never gone back to using anything else, especially on my face. A 100% natural product which has always kept my skin feeling fantastic, reduces any flare ups of spots and keeps my skin feeling soft and smooth. Great product!

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