Foot Salts


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Lorem’s foot Salts contain all the benefits found in Australian Emu Oil and many of the essential oils used in our Emu Balm (push a few more).

100% natural product, blended with Dead Sea Salt for additional relief.

Emu Salt contains all the benefits found in Australian Emu Oil and many of the essential oils used in the Emu Balm with a few extra essential oils to reduce tension and anxiety and blended with Dead Sea salt for additional relief. Great for all-over muscle and joint relief in the bath, or add a scoop to a bowl of water and soak those aching hands or feet!

Our foot-salts are perfect for those that :

  • Are on their feet all-day
  • Suffer with cracked heals
  • Have conditions such as plantar fasciitis, athletes foot, ingrown toenails and more.

To give your feet the royal treatment, once your feet are dry, we recommend using our Emu Oil to soften and nourish the skin


Emu Oil: a natural, anti-inflammatory, highly penetrating oil which carries the essential oils deep into the body’s tissues.
Arnica: anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, reduces healing time and relieves bruising.
Wintergreen: anti-inflammatory Methyl Salicylate, like liquid aspirin – it’s pain-relieving.
Lemongrass: anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, relaxes tight muscles.
Clove Bud: anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, increases your body’s metabolism by increasing blood circulation.
Rosemary: helps aching and cramped muscles, improves poor circulation.
Lavender: anti-inflammatory, relaxes and soothes tight muscles, relieves headaches and migraines.
Sweet Marjoram: relieves pulled muscles, cramps and spasms.
Juniper: reduces fluid retention around damaged tissues.
Ylang Ylang: reduces tension and anxiety.
Coriander Oil: stimulates circulation to joints and muscles.

Dead Sea Salt: These are blended with Dead Sea Salt known for its excellent healing properties, including:

Magnesium: combats stress, fluid retention, skin ageing, aids sleep and calming too.
Calcium: prevents water retention, increases circulation, and strengthens bones and nails.
Potassium: energises the body, helps balance skin moisture and a crucial mineral for replenishing the body after exercise.
Bromides: acts to ease and relax stiff muscles.
Sodium: important for lymphatic fluid balance, which can help immune system functions.

Directions for use

Directions of use: For best results stir or shake well. Add into a warm foot bath or spa, allow the salts to dissolve and simply soak your feet.