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Are you a keen footballer? Maybe you like to get in a scrum playing rugby? Is your passion running? Cycling? Swimming? Maybe a game of bowls? Or you like the thrill of something more adventurous like windsurfing? Whatever sport you enjoy, they can all have an impact on our bodies. Sport and exercise is good for us and our health, but do we pay as much attention looking after ourselves as we do in the sports we take part in?

A favourite quote that springs to mind is:

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in.

We often take our body for granted and push it to limits that it’s not used to especially whilst undertaking sport. Unfortunately, sometimes this can lead to injuries caused by;

  • Not warming up correctly
  • Poor technique
  • Pushing your body beyond its limits
  • An accidental fall or blow


Almost any part of our bodies can be injured including our muscles, bones, joints and connective tissues (tendons and ligaments). Have you ever thought that the better we look after our bodies, the further we can succeed in the sports that we do? There are some simple actions that we can take to help our bodies recover both pre and post participating in sport;

  • Warm up and cool down
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Support any part of the body that could potentially suffer from previous injuries i.e. knee support


However much we try and support our bodies, there can always be injuries or aches and pains that occur!

Would you use shop bought painkillers? Or would you go to the Dr’s for something stronger? It’s quick and easy to reach for a paracetamol, a can of pain relief spray or rub in a topical pain relief gel into the affected area. What if one product could help with a multiple of things? Would you use it? I know I would if it meant not having to buy multiple products. We highly recommend Emu Balm and Emu Oil capsules. Firstly the capsules contain 100% pure Emu Oil they assist in reducing pain and inflammation, ease muscle aches and joint pain and help with the body’s general health maintenance so can they be taken daily to help with the everyday functioning of the body. Secondly, the Emu Balm, a favourite in the sporting world, contains essential oils blended with the Emu oil. The essential oils are known for their assisting in healing abilities and aiding pain relief. The Emu Oil along the essential oil can assist in soothing the skin and inflammation and help provide relief from aching muscles and joints. So these things together make a perfect combination!

We asked a local sports enthusiast his view on how Emu Balm has helped him with his game…

After suffering from an occurring knee injury whilst playing football I was introduced to Emu balm. Being a typical man and trying to carry on through the pain I eventually gave in and tried it on the affected area. I was very sceptical about how it would help but I was wrong to judge, as in the first instance of using it a warming feeling was present around the area in which I had applied the balm. The tension in my knee seem to be a lot more relaxed and the pain eased. I now apply the balm regularly to my knee and this keeps the aches and pains at bay. Not only have I used it for my knee I have also used it across my back and shoulders and again this has worked wonders.

So in summary, remember to look after your body whatever sport you may participate in and if you need a hand along the way, Lorem Care are here to help!

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