Emu Oil’s history is much older than we think. Used in Australian Aborigine medicine for thousands of years it was found to relieve aches and pains, heal bruises and more.

In the 1800s Emu Oil was introduced outside of Australia and New Zealand as European explorers began using it for its homoeopathic properties.

In this blog, we cover what Emu Oil actually is and the properties that make it such a fantastic all-round health and beauty product.

But what exactly is Emu Oil

Emu Oil is extracted from the Adipose tissue of the Emu (the thick fat on the Emu’s back), a by-product from a thriving industry in Australia. Regulated by the Australian Emu Association, the product is such high quality that comes with the AEA guarantee for its many uses.

What does Emu Oil smell of?

Pure Emu Oil is almost transparent and completely odourless. It resembles olive oil with a fine consistency allowing it to absorb quickly into the skin. However, it does not leave that oil texture you find with other oils. You will find many poor-quality Emu Oils sold in today’s market. These are often darker in colour, have an odour (beyond the essential oils we add to some of our balms). They may also contain peroxides that will degrade the products over time.

Why Emu Oil?

Unlike a lot of oils on the market, Emu Oil contains a range of nutrients including; Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Sapogens and Terpenes. Scientific tests show Emu Oil has the same ultra-low irritant values of pure water.

A 100% natural product when massaged into the skin penetrates the seven layers of the skin. It moisturises and provides anti-inflammatory effects to the muscles and joints. The Emu Oils bacterio-static properties allow the oil to last a very long time as bacteria will not grow in it. As a gentle oil, it is perfect for use on the most sensitive of skins. Making this a perfect product for all ages.

Why people choose to use Emu Oil

With an endless list of benefits, consumers are starting to make informed choices of what they put on and in their body. Why use several chemically bounded lotions, creams and medicines when you can go 100% natural and use an Emu Oil to treat many ailments.

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